A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Cursed Pl@tformer is a platformer game written using the curses terminal user interface library. It was an entry to the Linux Game Jam 2019.

Princess & has been kidnapped by the evil pharaoh Tutankhascii and taken to his underground pyramid of doom. You play the character of @, a fabled hero of many dungeon crawlers, on your journey to save the princess.


  • At least 10 levels of traditional platforming action
  • Beautiful ASCII art
  • Levels are stored as text files, your favourite text editor is your level editor!
  • Free and Open Source under GPLv3

You can check out the source code and documentation at the project's Gitlab page.

Please report any problems or bugs on our issue tracker.

Soundtrack by Kevin MacLeod: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4710-midnight-tale/

Note: The game is best experienced using Cool Retro Term.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsSamsai, Tuubi, Ysblokje
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


cursed-platformer-linux.zip 4 MB
Version 1.5 May 12, 2019
cursed-platformer-windows.zip 7 MB
Version 1.5 May 18, 2019

Install instructions

The simplest way to play the game is via the Itch app.


Extract the archive and execute the "run_pdcurses.sh" launch script. Alternatively you can make use of "run_ncurses.sh" to run the game in a terminal (and lose the more natural SDL2-based keyboard input), or "run_ncurses_hardcore.sh" to avoid the need for SDL2 completely, losing both audio and gamepad support.


Extract the archive and execute "run_platformer.bat".

In case of problems

The game requires SDL2 (with SDL_mixer) for audio and gamepad input and the ncurses version of the game also requires the ncurses library. The pdcurses-version additionally requires SDL_ttf. These libraries are packaged along with the game, but on some systems these dependencies may be incompatible.

If the game does not execute, install the dependencies mentioned above and run the "platformer_game_ncurses" or "platformer_game_pdcurses" executables in the terminal. If the issues persist, refer to the building instructions on Gitlab page.

Development log


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A fantasic terminal experience, for real one of the few fun platform/adventures out there.

Also please make only-ncurses version without SDL and music.

The package for 1.5 includes a "hardcore" version of the ncurses executable without SDL features. Have fun!

not working

I'm sorry to hear that.

Could you possibly elaborate a bit to help us fix this? Did the game not launch? Did you try launching from the Itch app or did you download and run locally? Did you try both the ncurses launcher and the pdcurses launcher? Which Linux distro are you on?

Due to the tight deadline of the jam we didn't have time to test very thoroughly, but we do expect it to run on Ubuntu >= 18.04 and derivatives like Mint 19, as well as Arch.

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Sorry, I'm stupid little girl. My fault. Game working. There is one oddity. The hero is always moving.

Yeah keyboard controls aren't great. We're just relying on getch() for those, and key release events aren't available. But grab your SDL2-supported gamepad if you've got one and you'll have a much better experience.