A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Features in a nutshell

  • Simple but fun 2D top-down shooting action, with a hint of puzzling
  • 10 levels of content
  • Timer and score keeping: try to beat the levels as fast as you can!
  • Free and open source: see how the sauce is made, mod it, build upon it

You can find the source code along with all the assets at https://codeberg.org/Samsai/mirrored-lasers

Background & how to play

You are a sneaky smuggler, who has had an unlucky encounter with the galactic police bots. Now you must evade capture by destroying the robots that have come aboard.

To do this you are armed with a blaster pistol. However, your pistol is a bit broken and the robots can very quickly see you if you are out in the open.

Luckily the solution to both problems is the same: you can ricochet your shots or fire through energy fields to ensure a lethal hit. Your shots will alternate between deadly and harmless based on every ricochet or an energy field it passes, so plan your shots and make them count. You can also find splitters which will split your shots into additional shots for maximum mayhem. Just, watch out to make sure you don't shoot yourself by accident, will you?


To move around you use the WASD keys and to aim and shoot you use the mouse. In menus the arrow keys are used for moving, Enter is used for selections and Escape is used to move to previous menus.  Alternatively you can use gamepad controls where one stick controls movement and the other controls aiming. The Right Trigger will allow you to shoot, while A key is used to select things on menus and B is used to go back on menus.

Credits and attributions

Project idea, sprite work and coding by Samsai

  • Code: GPLv3
  • Sprites: CC-BY-SA

Graphical tile work by RoxiTheUnicorn (CC-0, public domain)

Menu sounds by broumbroum (CC-BY): https://freesound.org/people/broumbroum/

Music by Tumocs (CC-BY-SA): https://soundcloud.com/tumocs/miami-starsky

Various sound effects (CC-0, public domain)


robot-ricochet-linux.zip 25 MB
Version 1.0.1 Oct 10, 2021
robot-ricochet-win64.zip 22 MB
Version 1.0.1 Dec 26, 2021

Install instructions

Easiest way to download the game is through the Itch.io app.

For manual installs, download the zip file and extract it to a directory of your choosing (it's recommended to make a new empty directory for this purpose). After that, run either the "run.sh" file or the "mirrored-lasers" file in that directory.

System requirements

  • OS: GNU/Linux (both Debian 10 and Arch Linux were tested) or Windows 64-bit (although mostly untested)
  • RAM: Tested with as little as 1 GB
  • CPU: x86-64, tested on AMD A10-9600p (3.3GHz), expected to run on slower CPUs
  • Graphics: Just about anything with OpenGL 3.3 support will do, 1280x720 monitor resolution required

Alternative platforms

A Windows version of the game has been released, but it has not been tested on an actual Windows system. As such, the Windows version is akin to a beta version and is given very little support. It was mainly done to test whether it could be done in the first place.

Official support for macOS is not possible due to lack of access to Apple hardware.

However, the software is free and open source and built on tools and libraries that are available for a wide variety of platforms. You can find the source code and all game assets over at https://codeberg.org/Samsai/mirrored-lasers along with instructions on how to build the game. It should be possible to use those instructions to create binaries for a number of platforms and operating systems.

Development log