You take command of the anti-aircraft weaponry of a destroyer, and your task is to protect your ship from incoming hostile missiles and shoot down the enemy aircraft as they pass.

The game consists of 5 levels of increasing difficulty, featuring 4 types of enemies: jets, helicopters, bombers and cruise missiles. You have an arsenal of two miniguns and a flak gun to take on the waves of hostile forces. Your miniguns are your main defense against incoming projectiles, although they are weak against aircraft and have a limited range. Your long range option for dealing with aircraft is the flak gun, which will file a projectile that will detonate in the air destroying nearby enemies, excluding missiles.

Victory is reached by destroying all enemies.


  • Left Mouse Button for miniguns

  • Right Mouse Button for flak gun

  • Esc to pause

Developed with Godot Engine (

Source code and assets can be found at


Download 18 MB
Version 1 Oct 12, 2021
Download 19 MB
Version 2 Oct 12, 2021


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nice, i like the (really) old school vibe and ominous sounds