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ENDUSER is a text adventure about a person (you) living a day of their life. Get groceries, pick up pieces of trash and slice up people with a razor blade. Enjoy.

ENDUSER was written for Linux Game Jam 2018 by a team of three Finns: Samsai, Tumocs and Tuubi. Initial engine, artwork (SFX, music, logo) and story by Tumocs. Coding and extra writing by Samsai and Tuubi.

Source code available here: https://gitlab.com/silly-linux-game-jam2018-game/pydler

Install instructions

Install Python 3 (at least 3.3) and execute "run.sh" in your terminal to play.

Dependencies for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems are bundled in the game archive, but if you don't get any audio, install PySDL2, SDL2 and SDL2-mixer. On Ubuntu installing python3-sdl2 should do the trick.


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