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Collateral Damage is an action game we made for Linux Game Jam 2023. You might call it a vampire-survivors-like with a twist of hopelessness. A power-trip cut short.

Help our hero liberate the town and its helpless inhabitants from the terror of an apparently endless supply of murderous enemies. Some of them just run you down, others try to shoot you dead, but all of them are equally evil. Try not to get too many civilians killed in the process.

Genre-standard controls:
- Move using the arrow keys or WASD
- Use your mouse (or other pointing device) to point and click at the UI
- ESC lets you pause and escape the game. Dying also lets you escape the game. Your choice.

Yeah, I gotta say, of all of the ones I've seen so far, Collateral Damage is the least engaging - Cheeseness

All code was written during the jam by Samsai and Tuubi. Samsai even live-streamed some of the process on his Owncast once again. The source code is available under The GNU General Public License v3.0 at codeberg.org.

Graphics custom made by Maija (under CC-BY-SA), also during the short jam. Except for the tiny character sprites, which Tuubi made on a coffee break.

Sound effects are all from freesound.org, mostly from Yle Archives (CC-BY), with additional effects from Ryan Conway (also CC-BY) and Craig Smith (CC0). For more information, refer to the attribution documents in our source repository.


collateral-damage-linux.zip 6 MB
Version 3 Jun 06, 2023
collateral-damage-windows.zip 7 MB
Version 3 Jun 06, 2023

Install instructions

Download the archive for your OS, extract it and then run the binary. Or use the Itch.io client.

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