A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Our submission to the Linux Game Jam 2022.

An arkanoid-like block breaking game with a musical twist.

Control your paddle with the arrow keys, return to main menu with ESC.


- Several levels
- One groovy tune
- A paddle
- A surprising number of bright balls
- Blocks, in various configurations and colours
- Lights, physically and emotionally manipulated by the music
- Graphics in a shade of purple our friend Cheeseness called "Rad"
- Slightly tougher blocks
- Awesome particle effects
- Uhh... An overabundance of charm?

How to run

1. Extract the zip file to a folder of your choosing

2. Execute the "beatnoid" executable (you can double-click it)

Or use the Itch.io client to download and run the game.


Design, Code and Graphics by
Samsai - Ysblokje - Tuubi

Music by

Additional levels by
Tuubi's wife

BEAT NOID is free software under GPLv2 with the source code available at https://codeberg.org/TechnicalHumanBeings/arghrythmia. First-party artwork is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike.

The game was written using Macroquad (MIT / Apache 2.0) game library and the hecs ECS library (MIT / Apache 2.0). For decoding mod files mod_player (MIT) was used and music and SFX were played back using Kira (MIT / Apache 2.0).

All original assets and program logic produced with free and open source tools like Inkscape, GNU Emacs, Milkytracker and Audacity. Thanks to Codeberg for code hosting and Continuous Integration!

3rd Party Assets

Boombox Free (font) © Jonathan Paterson

Sound effects
Plop! by Breviceps -- License: CC0
returnRacquet.wav by MAbdurrahman -- License: CC0
Glass Break by unfa -- License: CC0


beat-noid-linux-post-jam.zip 2 MB
Version 1 May 04, 2022
beat-noid-linux-jam-build.zip 2 MB
Version 2 May 04, 2022
beat-noid-windows-post-jam.zip 3 MB
Version 1 May 04, 2022
beat-noid-windows-jam-build.zip 3 MB
Version 1 May 01, 2022

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